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Bold Flavor
Super-Food Nutrition 

Local and Organic, Earth-Friendly & Farm-Fresh food at your neighborhood retailers and favorite restaurants.


Our farm is just up the road growing high-quality organic food that is packed with flavor and nutrition. And we farm in a way that cleans the air, water, and soil in our community. Now that's smart.

Fritata recipe using Superfood Blend


Mixing in some of our nutrient-packed SuperFood Blend to these omelet popovers!

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Better flavor. 

Better nutrition.

Better value.

GoodHealthy® plants from organic soil are more robust, aromatic, flavorful, and nutritious than products from hydroponic factories. Complete nutrition, healing hydration, and wholesome plant-based products. 


Realizing a Brighter Farm Future.

Some people say it. We do it. Reverence for nature. Commitment to health and wellness for all people. Passion for responsible technology. Contribution to society. Our first farm is making a difference—not only for the land, but for the people who live, work and play in our community.

Our impact across upstate New York.


tons of CO2 offset per year


COVID food donations for neighbors in need


less water use than conventional farming


higher farm wages and permanent jobs in agriculture


GoodHealthy by Agbotic:

The future (and past) of farming is local, organic and regenerative.

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