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Spruce Tea Recipe!

What's better than some summer tea?

A Spruce Bud Tea from GoodHealty Farms! Did you know Spruce Buds are a natural antioxidant and packed with vitamins? They even have a Shikimic acid, a key ingredient in Tamiflu!

At GoodHealthy Farms, we're committed to making the most out of every recipe, and this tea is no exception. To get your hands on some of these organic Spruce Buds, contact GoodHealthy Farms at

Enjoy our recipe for Spruce Tea. Serve warm or iced.

One cup of tender spruce buds. (They should be silky soft)

Half an orange

Half a lemon

1. Purée with water in a blender of bullet

2. Bring to Boil I’m covered pot with 8 cups of water. When pot reaches boil turn off and leave top on until cool enough to drink.

3. Strain into cup or strain cooled tea into pitcher with ice.

4. Add slices of orange and lemon


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