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Honoring nature and serving humanity with responsible technology.

Graphic Illustration of the Sun
Graphic Illustration of the solar farm

Our local farm brings an Earth-Friendly touch to growing better food and a healthier community. A regenerative SmartFarm can nourish a region, restore the environment, and make dynamic contributions to society. It's a new (and old) way of doing things.

Wetlands Photo
A graphic to indicate regenerative farming


Regeneration is nature's way - and ours. We're planting trees, preserving wetlands, rotating crops, sequestering carbon, and providing habitat for sensitive wildlife to restore ecosystems with carbon-negative farming.


Patented and patent-pending machines perform repetitive tasks with speed and precision, elevating farm labor to knowledge economy jobs - with full pay and benefits - empowering humans to better care for nature and grow superior plants.

Robotic Farming Photo
A graphic icon to illustrate automation and robotic farming
A photo of beets to indicate organic farming
An icon to indicate organic farming


It’s popular to say “better than” or “beyond organic.” But most companies that say it can’t qualify to be organic in the first place - utilizing significant industrial inputs, manufactured nitrogen and hydroponic chemicals - for synthetic production. Not us. We take organic a step further, with organic certification inside and out - avoiding even approved substances. We won't put anything on our plants that we won't feed to our own children.


We measure every data point, every minute. With advanced analytics and AI, our platform remembers, analyzes, and continuously improves. Greenhouses on autopilot; systems on auto-tuning. We achieve continuous improvements with superior plant quality, fewer resources, higher yields, and faster crop cycles. 

A background photo to represent data/dashboard
An icon to represent intelligent data.
A background image to show soil.
An icon to show real soil.


Real food grows in real soil. It’s what gives plants their terroir—the unique textures, rich flavors, and earthy aromas imparted by the wholesome environment in which they are grown. Soil creates a complete and satisfying sensory experience.


We go the extra mile (literally, if necessary) by co-locating our farms with renewable energy sources enhancing the performance of both ag and energy assets. Our goal is to grow without using a single extra drop of water or one excess kilowatt of energy. Now that’s Smart.

A photo to show solar powered energy.
An icon to show efficiency from solar powered energy sources.
A photo of flowers outside the greenhouse.
An icon to show the social aspect of farming


Conventional farming has made gains to feed the planet, but with a heavy toll on climate, rural communities, animal welfare, and our health. Our farms clean air and water, and regenerate soil while invigorating local economies.

Local Everywhere

We are building a global network of symbiotic farms to grow organic plants for fresh food, healing hydration, and plant-based products.  We are also working with farm partners to join our regenerative farm network in North America and Europe. 

A photo of the greenhouse at night
An icon to show "local everywhere", global network of farming
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